Partnership between "HiWEB" and "Iran Zamin Bank" to establish "FARDA NeoBank" 

HiWEB, to complete its value chain to provide diverse and different services to users, with the participation of Iran Zamin Bank, established a NeoBank called "Farda Smart Bank".

After 4 months of effort, these two groups signed this partnership on Tuesday, November 15, in the presence of the board of directors of HiWEB and the parties, the CEOs of Iran Zamin Bank.
Smart Bank will be born with the participation of two well-known groups, HiWEB, and Iran Zamin Bank, while it can be said that the first neobank was formed by joint cooperation of active groups in the banking system and the telecom operator. NeoBanks is a type of digital banking that can provide a variety of services to its customers by creating innovative values compared to traditional banks. The variety of services and the creation of various combination baskets to provide customer service is the main strength of this neobank. It should be noted that HiWEB had previously obtained a license to establish Farda Smart Insurance Company as an all-digital insurance company.

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Nov 17, 2021