Sparklers are diverse data traffic packages with limited usage time activated in HiWEB subscribers’ services. Sparklers make it possible to use more data traffics within a given period of time without speed loss and with a proper price.

Traffic (GB) Day(s) Price (Tomans)
4 1 2,000
10 7 7,500
50 30 30,000

Dear subscriber, if you select sparkler data traffic, you actually purchase the same traffic with a very low price but for a limited period of time (as per the above table). This additional traffic will be automatically reset to zero if it is not use by its termination date or by the termination date of your service. Therefore, you are kindly requested to note the maximum termination date as well as the amount of data traffic. In addition, before the termination of purchased Sparkler, you will not be able to buy a new one or to change your current service.