Dedicated Broadband

HiWEB bandwidth services offer organizations and companies dedicated access to the Internet and Intranet. These services are offered proportionate to the organizational customers’ needs, and their qualities are guaranteed by our professional support team. Since HiWEB has direct access to more than 95 percent of the hosted contents in Iran, we offer a 24/7 dedicated support line in order to provide the highest quality Internet services possible. The company is always ready to respond to customer’s redundancy needs by providing fixed hybrid networks on demand.

Business activities in many companies and organizations rely on the Internet. Sending and receiving information, communication with different servers for performing financial interactions and economic activities in such companies are all established based on the Internet. Relying on its years of experience in installing and launching various broadband services, Dadeh Gostar-e Asr-e Novin (DGA Novin) is prepared to launch this service as soon as possible for its customers across Iran.

For more information, please contact us via the followings:
Phone number: +98 21 2940 3333
Email address:

Leased Line

If the telecommunication company at your organization location provides the proper infrastructures, and your bandwidth needs are within the capacity of copper cables, Leased Line services may be the most appropriate Internet solution for you. Contact our sales department to apply for the service; using the facilities at our hand, we check for the possibility of establishing a wired connection between your workplace and our gateways. If so, we will request your Leased Line from your telecommunication company. Once a couple of modems are delivered to you, your service is ready to use.

Point-to-Point Wireless

In most situations where a high bandwidth is required, launching point-to-point wireless services seems to be the simplest, most effective solution. In this method, a point-to-point wireless connection is established between your workplace and one of our sites.
Equipment operating in 2.5 GHz frequency may be your best choice for lower connection speeds. However, if extremely high bandwidths are what you require, particularly if you run an ISP, 5 GHz equipment are what we recommend. In the latter scenario, even when there is no direct Line of Sight between your organization and our site, you can still have access to the Internet at a 20-km distance with the relatively high bandwidth of 30 MHz.