According to the Hiweb Public Relations report, a meeting was held on Saturday afternoon (September 19, 1396) with the participation of many investment companies’ managers, brokerage firms, legal and natural activists, associates of the capital market and the board members of Hiweb.

In this meeting, after greeting by Dr. Dargahi, "Admission Manager of Tehran Stock Exchange Corporation" and Mr. Seyed Iman Miri, CEO of the Hiweb, a film with an introduction of the history of Hiweb, future plans and financial information of the company was shown.

Then with the presence of CEO and CFO of Hiweb, and Mr. Dargahi and Mr. Hosseini, CEO of  Meyar Investment Consulting Company, a question and answer session was held, and all  the  questions Answered.

It is worth mentioning that Hiweb Company with 4.000 billion Rials of Asset, one of the providers of communication services on various platforms throughout the country, was entered in the list of trademarks of the Stock Exchange on August 26, 1396.


Here is some photos of this session

جلسه معارفه های وب

جلسه معارفه های‌وب 4
جلسه معرفه های‌وی

جلسه معرفه های وب
جلسه معرفه های وب

جلسه معرفه های وب
جلسه معرفه های وب

Oct 09, 2017