Nitro is a service which increases the days of subscriber's services with keeping their current connection speed. With help of Nitro, ending time of a service will be lasted for 5 extra days.
Conditions in which Nitro is applicable are as below:
When the ending time of a service is approaching and remained traffic is considerable it means subscribers will not be able to use it up by the end of service time .The other application of this service is when subscribers wish to activate a Sparkler which need extra days.
All active subscribers are able to purchase and activate a Nitro through the “Purchase” tab on their User account. It should be mention that Nitro will be activate on current service immediately, right after purchase.
Moreover, Subscribers are able to purchase or activate a Sparkler during Nitro activation period, but activating a Nitro service during Sparkler using period is not possible (In case of purchasing a Nitro during mentioned period, it will be saved as a discount Code on the user account and will be activated after Sparkler period ends).